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Run Away, Run Away!

I now refer to Notre Dame as the Frightened Irish. I haven’t seen a bunch of grown men run away from something like this since Monty Python and the gang ran from the French lunging animals at them from a castle in their quest for the Holy Grail.

The Frightened Irish run away from Michigan like this scared gang from the '70's.

The Frightened Irish run away from Michigan like this scared gang from the ’70’s.


As you all may already know, Notre Dame has “chickened out” on a great rivalry between two college juggernauts. Last September, Frightened Irish Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick handed Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon a letter of withdrawal from the rivalry.  This move was done at the zero hour, on the field, right before last year’s contest. The Frightened Irish used a clause in the contract to opt out of the already scheduled 2015-2017 games. The three game opt out clause started last year and the two teams will meet only twice more, with any future meetings still in doubt.  I think losing the Frightened Irish as a rival stinks like Leprechaun poo. It was a horrible move by Notre Dame athletics, in my opinion. The Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry is so rich with tradition and historical moments. Why would you want to rob college football of this sacred gridiron matchup?


Chickens in South Bend.

Chickens in South Bend.

In my opinion, the truth is: THEY ARE SCARED! Keeping their independence in college football, they signed an agreement with the ACC to play five games per season against that conference. This meant that The Frightened Irish needed to make a decision on who they were going to keep playing. They still wanted to keep western powerhouses, like rival USC, on their list for the lucrative contract and nationwide visibility. So, that left only a handful of games left.  The Frightened Irish  also have a historic rivalry with Navy, so they didn’t want to give that one up, either. I can also see how they wouldn’t want to sacrifice a good in-state rivalry with Purdue, too. That would be like us calling it quits with Little Brother, Michigan State. Speaking of the green and white, Notre Dame also didn’t want to sever ties with them, either, mainly due to the nature of that rivalry.  Where did that leave Michigan? Out of the mix.  Why? They need to play weaker teams, so they can have a good record to keep their national TV contract. If their record stinks, then they run the risk of not being able to negotiate a better TV deal when their current one expires. They also need the wins to keep up with all time totals. The Frightened Irish currently rank fourth all time in wins with 865. Michigan (first in all time college football wins with 904) is just too tough to beat. We even lead the season series 23-16-1. Since the Frightened Irish can’t guarantee themselves a win, they chose to wimp out of the rivalry. Further proof lies in the fact that the ACC is a decently tough division and they would have to work hard to keep a good record against schools like Miami, Florida State, and Pitt.

Hoke-A-Mania on The Frightened Irish…

Coach Hoke stands for TRADITION and historical football rivalries.

Coach Hoke stands for TRADITION and historical football rivalries.

In May, Coach Hoke called it how it was and gave his opinion on the Frightened Irish “chickened out” on Michigan and college football. An interview can be found here at ESPN: 

I think this got us Hokeamaniacs fired up for this game tonight! It certainly got the attention of Frightened Irish coach Brian Kelly. Kelly downplayed the rivalry in a recent interview, saying “I  really haven’t seen it as one of those traditional Notre Dame rivalries.” This prompted Coach Hoke to respond otherwise, further adding fuel to the flames! The sad end result is that Michigan AD Dave Brandon doesn’t even seem optimistic about a future renewal or this rivalry. I think it’s a shame the The Frightened Irish have deprived our two schools, our Great lakes region and our whole country of a once a year classic collge football game.

On to my traditional Leprechaun meal…

LOL. FIGTHING?  Are you kidding me? The cup says FIG THING. We proofread here in Michigan...

LOL. FIGTHING? Are you kidding me? The cup says FIG THING. We proofread here in Michigan…

Every year, I capture a few Leprechauns roaming around and find a great way to eat them, much like a Wolverine would in the wild. The Leprechauns aren’t really that hard to catch. At first, I thought they would be hard to see or find, much like Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. But, over the years, you learn the tricks to trap them.  I have assembled quite few good recipes, that is for sure. This year I think I will will make a great big Leprechaun sammich with a bid ol’ side of FIG THINGS to enjoy with the game!

GURU’s prediction:

Michigan 29 – Frightened Irish 20


GURU @ The Big House for season opener against CMU on Saturday, September 1st, 2013.

GURU @ The Big House for season opener against CMU on Saturday, September 1st, 2013.



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